My New Years Attitude And Expressions…………..

Every new year people ask what is your new year’s resolution, and every year people say different things like I wanna be a better person or I want to become better at something. Everyone has a resolution for the new year’s. At least i think they do. Sometimes resolution’s can be good and sometimes they don’t work out. But they still can change a person whether good or bad.

My  new year’s resoultion is to improve my attitude and not get upset so easily. This is my main problem it is something i want to work on so that i can bceome a better person. Whenever i can’t do something or someone says or does something to me i get upset in a second and i am ready to go off. This is something i really need to work on because my attitude can get me in trouble and that is something i dont want.

Another resolution that i have is to be able to express myself and show who i really am through my talents and the way i dress. Sometimes i am able to do that when i am around people that i really know and trust like my best best friend. Expressing myself  can be a good thing but i want to be able to feel comfortable doing it not just only in front of my friends but in front of people who are positive and can show their true colors. When i dress up [besides in my uniform] i dress for fun and to show who i really am and a fun person i am.

These two resolution’s that i have are really important to me because they can make me a better and  i can be who i am and show that am not afraid. These are two great resolution’s that i have and i will work hard to accomplish them.

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My Special Family…………

Having a family is great because it means that your not alone. Whenever you need help you know you can count on them 95% of the time to always be there. Your family is really important because they’ll always have you back. Not only that but they will always be your true friends and when you need help they will be there to help you know matter what.

I love my family so much. There is nothing in the world that i would put before them. My family is special in a unqiue way. Sometimes we argue [my sisters and I], sometimes we fight , sometimes we dislike each other some families are like that though but at the end of the day we will always love each other. My family is funny, creative, stubborn and a little chaotic. But we just shake that off and do what we each do best and that’s why I love my family. A family should not fight with one another they should try to help and correct each other to make that person better.

Families  can be strange and stubborn but at the end of the day they will love each other. They learn to get over their differences and work it out. My family is no perfect family no but we do try to help each other because that’s what families do and they will always be true to you.

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Shake it up, The Roommate and Angus, Thongs and FFS…….

What is my favorite t.v show you ask well i can tell you the anwser to that which is Shake it up [t.v show], The Roommate [movie] and Angus Thong and ffs [book]. These titles are my favorite because they keep me interested and they are either funny scary and entertaining. I love books or movies like these and here’s why.


Shake it up is my favorite t.v show because it is funny and it is about to girls near my age name Rocky and Cece who dream about dancing on a famous t.v called shake it up. The girls also wear outfits that are creative, cool and spontaneous which inspire me to be me. Shake it up also has a little activity called ”Make you Mark” where you video tape yourself dancing and if they like you then you will guest star on shake it up which is so cool and i hope to be on one day. This show is really fun to watch and that is why it is my favorite.


The Roommate is my favorite movie because it is scary, intense and it has action. I love scary movies so this is one of the reasons why roommate is my favorite. It is also unpredictable so you never know whats going to happen. Roommmate also has action which is good because there is some partying and some killing which is odd but exciting and makes the viewer want to watch more and if you watch you would probably agree with me. Another reason why I like roommate is because it’s not boring i sayed awake the hold time because it was so entertaining and kept me focused and that’s a good thing because know one wants to watch a boring movie.


Last but not list Angus,Thongs and FFS. This is my favorite book to read because it is about a teenage girl who is dealing with boy issues and wants to become popular. This book is also funny because it talks about well lets not get into those details but trust me if you’ve rad it you know what im talking about . Anyway it also has a connection with teenage life which is good becauseyou can understand the book more and won’t have a hard time reading it. Another reason why this is my favorite book is because once I started reading I was really into it and it was the best book iv’e ever read besides Percy Jackson and TLT. Now that you have heard why these are my favorite titles do you think you would enjoy because nine times out of ten if you watch the movie and t.v show and read the book I sure you will like it cuase I know i liked it and I still do.

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My Time With Princeton…….

Kiara Moore                                                                                                 November 21, 2011
Mrs. Armerding
                                                          PRINCETON[THE HOTTY]
    I am so glad i was asked this question. If i had to spend a week with a famous celebrity it would be PRINCETON. OMG i love him more than anything that’s my Hollywood [want to be boyfriend]. PRINCETON is so cute and i love his music he is just so WOW. Princeton is someone that i really like and would love to be around so i would love to spend a week with him and here’s why.
    If i had to spend a day with a celebrity it would be Princeton because not only is he so cute but i like his style, and his music even though he is not the only one singing. I just love hi so much. During this week with Princeton i would want to go to the movies with him and watch a movie that we both like. It will be really fun and i would be so happy. I would also want to go to the beach with him and just chill and relax. Another thing i would want to do is write some music with him and sing with and possibly sing on stage with him. Mostly importantly i would want to get to know him and see if we have anything in common. This would be a good thing because if we had anything in common we could be really good friends, and good friends are awesome. I would also go to the water park, six flags, out to eat and shopping i would do all this with Princeton and i wish this could really happen.
    This is so exciting and i hope i do get to spend time with Princeton cause i wouldn’t want to do anything else. When i first see him i would faint but try to keep it cool.
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What High School Would You Like To Attend…….

Kiara Moore                                                                            November 16,2011


                                                                             DUKE ELLINGTON

Many people have asked me what high school do you want to go to and do you know what I tell them? I say I wanna go to ” DUKE ELLINGTON ”. Every kid wants to go to a good high school. But everyone knows that in order to do that you have to have good grades and have a good attitude. I know for sure what high school I want to go to. In order to do what I want to do I have to work hard and Duke Ellington I know will be the right place for me.

Every since I heard that Duke Ellington was the place for me I have wanted to go there. In life I want to become a singer and Duke Ellington is a school of arts so it’s a perfect match. I know that I have to work hard because Duke Ellington is an amazing school and don’t take many people. I learned that the high schools look at your 7th grade grades to determine if you get into that particular r school. I am now working hard to get into a good high school particularly Duke Ellington. The reason why I want to get into Duke Ellington because I feel that not only is it a good school for my talent but I am a smart young lady and Duke Ellington is a place for smart, independent, talented, outgoing, ambitious scholars [students]. Even though I have an attitude problem I still work very hard and can improve my attitude because I know that I can’t get into this school with that type of attitude. Duke Ellington will determine my future and what I will become in life. I know that I can get into Duke Ellington but I have to work hard. If I don’t get into Duke Ellington then I have a plan b and c. If I can’t get into Duke Ellington than I plan to go to Banneker or Capital City.

I don’t think that I will fail in trying to get into Duke Ellington. I know that if I work really hard then I can accomplish my goal. I am an ambitious person so I know I can do it. No one can stop and I am determined.

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Best Friend Always…….

Kiara Moore                                                                                     November 11, 2011

Having a best friend is great but is she or he someone you can trust. Sometimes you find a friend and you hang out together and think that she or he is your best friend but you really don’t know because your just so happy. When you have a best friend you both do things together and have fun and you start to trust that person but at times that is not always the case. Its always good to have someone you trust other than a family member and that person is a friend that could be your best friend.

I have a best friend name Jasmine. We knew each other since the fifth grade. We were friends but not friends. It took a lot of time to see who she really was and if I could trust her. When we were in sixth grade we got to be close friends but not best friends. Although we weren’t best friends I thought she was really funny and cool. But then came a time when I got mad at her and didn’t like or talk to her a while. Which was I admit mean and stupid but at the time I didn’t care and was so upset. Then when we got in middle school [7th grade] we start to understand each other learn our similarities and differences and by the end of the beginning of the school year we became BEST BEST BEST FRIENDS FOREVER [ at least we hope]. Jasmine and I are so glad that we are BEST FRIENDS. We soon found out that we have a lot in common. Jasmine would be my first real best friend I have ever had.

The point is that having a best friend is great but it takes a lot of time to figure out who your real best friend is. I went through a whole 3 year process to find who my best friend was and I had found her in 7th grade. I will never regret having Jasmine as my best friend no matter how much we get mad at each other, because at the end of the day we will both get over it and hang out together.

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In My Life I Wish To Achieve…….

In My Life I Wish To Achieve!!

In my life I wish to achieve my goal, which is to be discovered as a
singer. All my life I have wanted to be a singer and I have practiced and
practiced until I have gotten so good. People tell me all the time that I can
sing and that I am a great singer. These people encourage me to keep believing
in myself. My math teacher Mr. Leach, My friends Tania, Kayla, Hiba, Nicole, My
grandma, and last but not least my mom all tell me I can sing and encourage me
to push myself and work harder to accomplish my dream. These people make me
want to do the thing that I love and do it with my heart. They are the reason
why I want to achieve this because singing makes me so happy.

There are people around me that have a good influence on me and make me
want to get better and more enclosed with what I do. Singing is my passion and I
love it so much. There is no one that can stop me from achieving my goal. This is something that I want to achieve so bad. Sometimes I wonder whether I will actually achieve my goal. I know that out of 7 million people in the world chances are some will be discovered. I really want to achieve this goal because it is a big part of my dream.

I am glad that I shared this with you and hope that you achieve a goal that you have set. Sometimes it is hard to accomplish big dreams but if you set your mind to it and work really hard you can do anything. Once you think about it you’ll never say it was hard because you know no one can complete your dream but you.

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Who writes the best song lyrics?

I would say that nicki minaj writes the best song lyrics. The songs that she sing and feature are so awesome like i just love her songs. I think that she writes with love, heart and passion.

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Nobody’s Perfect

          In life people make mistakes. Everyone in the world has made a mistake. This is a fact because noone is perfect. Everyone has done something wrong, but has also learned from that thing that they did wrong. Although people don’t always learn from the mistakes that they have done, they still know that it is bad. They will also find a way to fix it.


                  A mistake that I have made but have also learned from is a time when I threw a football at my sister’s back. I did this because I was angry with her for calling me white and this made me very sad and mad so I did not know how to react, so I just picked up a football and threw it at her back. This is a mistake because even though my sister made me mad I was in no condition to throw a football at her. This is a mistake that I learned from because now I know that whenever I get mad at someone I can’t just go and hit them. If I did this again I would have gotten in big trouble and would have probably gotten punished. This is a real imperative lesson because no matter how mad you get you have to find another way to handle the issue.


           At some point, during your life you will make a mistake that you will learn from. I learned a very imperative lesson from the mistake that I made. Now I know not to do it again. There are a lot of things that you have to learn and mistakes are one of them. This is really imperative to know. So next time you make a mistake you should think about it.




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